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IMVU makes it easy to connect with friends, new and old. As a product that connects you to people from around the world, it's important to remember that chatting with people you don't know could expose you to danger. As a product that is committed to user safety as our number one priority, here, are some common sense guidelines that you should follow when using IMVU:

  • Avatars aren't always who they say they are. Be careful about adding strangers to your friends list. IMVU avatars allow you to be yourself without exposing any personal information. While it's fun to connect with lots of IMVU friends from all over the world, avoid providing any information that could be used to personally identify you.
  • Be safe in Chat. If someone in a Chat says or wears something that you find offensive, abusive or inappropriate, click the "Report Abuse" button or close the Chat window. If the person continues to reach out to you, block them. IMVU takes abuse reports very seriously and will quickly take action. To block a user, please follow the steps below:
    1. Sign into your account.
    2. From your homepage go to Account, located in the upper right corner of your homepage next to your avatar name.
    3. Gulir ke bawah ke bagian privasi dan keamanan.
    4. In your Friends & User Settings, click on "Manage blocked users list".
    5. Masukkan nama avatar yang ingin kamu blokir dimana tertulis "Blokir Kontak"dan tekan Blokir.
  • Memiliki Beranda yang aman. IMVU mendorong kamu untuk membangun identitas IMVU di avatar kamu. Cara terbaik untuk tetap aman terhubung adalah menyimpan semua informasi identifikasi pribadi dari situs kamu (misalnya, nama asli kamu, nomor telepon, alamat, layar nama dari klien IM lain, atau spesifik keberadaan). Tidak memberikan informasi pribadi apapun. IMVU sangat menyarankan kamu tidak mengunggah gambar diri sendiri. Sebaliknya, habiskan waktu untuk membuat avatar kamu dengan mewakili siapa kamu dan menggunakan avatar di gambar kamu. Jika kamu datang di beranda pengguna lain kemudian kamu temukan serangan, segera laporkan secepatnya.
  • In-person meetings can be dangerous. Meeting up in the real world with people you meet online is *not* always a great idea. IMVU offers plenty of opportunities to meet your online friends in cool Chat Rooms. If you choose to meet an online friend in the real world, there are some very important rules to consider:
    • Bertemu hanya dengan orang-orang yang kamu rasa kenal baik, cukup kenal dengan waktu lama, dan hanya dengan izin dan sepengetahuan orang tua.
    • Meet in a public place, such as a mall or coffee shop.
    • Go with a parent or 18+ sibling or friend, (even if you are an adult yourself).
    • Pastikan orang yang kamu temui tidak sendirian, tetapi datang bersama orang tua/orang dewasa lainnya.
  • Be honest about your age. If you are under 13 and pretend to be older, IMVU will remove your account. If you are over 18 and pretend to be younger to contact underage users, IMVU will remove your account. If you are under 18 and pretend to be older to contact older users, IMVU will remove your account.
  • No IMVU staff member will ever ask for your password or email Don't fall for any scam that asks for your IMVU password or your personal email address especially if it comes to you from someone who claims to be an IMVU Staff member. IMVU Staff can easily contact you via the email address you used to register your account. If you change email addresses, please update your IMVU account.
  • Don't get hooked by a phishing scam. Phishing is a method used by fraudsters to try to get your personal information, such as your username and password, by pretending to be a site you trust. A common way IMVU users may have their accounts stolen is by logging in to a site that looks like IMVU but isn't. When logging in, always make sure the URL includes or that you are using the 3D Chat client downloaded from our site. Click here to learn more information from the Federal Trade Commission.
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If you have any further questions, please contact us by clicking the Help link on any IMVU Page where you can search through our self-help content and ask for more help from other users and IMVU.