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Cancer Awareness

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“Keep HOPE Alive!”

No One is Excluded. Awareness and Early Detection May Save You. Join us and see how you can help in the fight against Cancer.

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Group Owner: CancerAwareness
Category: Causes
Date Formed: 2010-08-18 22:26:58
Members: 933

The Soapbox

Donations to ACS: $5125

Donations to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital: $800

CancerAwareness Belive In HOPE Ball

This event is to celebrate all the years CancerAwareness has been here on IMVU but also to help give HOPE to those fighting cancer. Also, for those who have lost a loved one to cancer.

HOPE to see you there.

Date: Thursday, October 26th
Time: 8pm-11pm EDT
Hosted by: CancerAwareness
Attire: Formal PINK | White | Black

Room: Believing In HOPE
Direct Room Link: imvu://room/CelticBlueRose/Believing+In+HOPE

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Holla Board


CelticBlueRose: Hello Lovely People! We are working on some changes both here and the website.

MPEmperorKingMrPuffy: ~Waves~Hope all is well with each of you

PirateQuillsSeaWolf: Hello ~ Hoping to be online again to "Meet & Greet" but for now in rl cancer suppor...

Jajjaaj: It's been a long while since I've been here. Looks like Galas are no longer happening?...

KittenDrakkon45: I hope everyone is OK. Miss you all & fighting breast cancer and won't give up.

RangerTullyMars: Nobody home/No one cares...

RangerTullyMars: I had biopsies and chemotherapy. I believe they got it all. Missed you all...

RangerTullyMars: I missed several group gatherings during the Fall last year, due to being in the hospital 9 weeks...

MPEmperorKingMrPuffy: Big shout out to everyone!! HELLO!!! "(: D" Hope all is well. Have a blessed Sunday!!

MPEmperorKingMrPuffy: WISHING E1 A Merry Christmas "(tu)" Stay Blessed


MPEmperorKingMrPuffy: Hello Everyone ~Waves~ Hope E1 is doing well! Stay Blessed!":)"🙏

llxlNenalxll: []

CynKaye: YeaHOO!!! Fighting the True Fight.. Love all those that are fighting and those that passed on.

MPEmperorKingMrPuffy: ~Waves to E1~See you all Thursday Oct 26th Room Link: imvu://room/CelticBlueRose/Believing+I&quo...

CelticBlueRose: Believing In HOPE Gala Thursday Oct 26 8:00 PM EST - imvu://room/CelticBlueRose/Believing+In+HOPE...

CelticBlueRose: Aug Gala, Happy Birthday CA - Formal Event - Info posted soon ...

ladyrosebud56: i use to belong to this group i quit imvu for a while started back starting as new

RnR0utlaw: New here, just lost my brother in October to Cancer. :(

TrueBud: ty for the invite just lost my cuz to cancer its a sad day but ill get threw it prayers godbless...

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