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“You ain't got no pancake mix!”

Please don't ask to join the group. I'm not inviting anyone in.

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Group Owner: Guest_BeccaBipolar
Category: Role-Playing
Date Formed: 2009-08-13 09:39:38
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The Soapbox


Owner- Becca

Also consider
Anime Town
A.H.S. :The College Years

For the people who avoid the rule thread
*No sex at all
*No OOC fighting. Take it somewhere else
*No spamming important threads; You'll know if it's important
*No txt talk or t@lk!ng l!k3 t#!s.
*No godmodding, Mary/Gary Sues and all that
*If a thread is dead please don't post in it.

So far we've gotten reported 7 times.

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Insert Bitch Here


jolteonmaster: i come back n it all dies Q,~Q i'ma murderer! NOOOO!!!! T,.T

NovareVengeance: Amu jsut post man introduce your self

Guest_AmuShinzu: hi my name is amu and I would really like some friends if yal will have me

Guest_BeccaBipolar: I just saw this D: Hi Haushy!!<3

RedToxic: I haven't been on here for a billion years..hi guys..mostly Becca <3

NovareVengeance: Sorry guys, I've been having to cover 2 full shifts tonight's my night off I'll re...

Guest_BeccaBipolar: Because no one was here that's why ha

Guest_Vargheim: What, no "Merry Christmas" threads? Becca, I am disappointed.

Nytemarze: *Pushes everyone to the corpse party thread* 8D

Nymuu: I think I will just start at the entrance so I'm not lonesome in a thread haha

NovareVengeance: Start wit ha dorm or something =)

Nymuu: There are so many threads & stories... I have no idea where to begin ;-;

Guest_BeccaBipolar: I am

NovareVengeance: anyone up for a survival horror kinda thread? no powers?

Guest_KyokoMatsumura: I apologize for not posting for weeks I'm moving soon

Nvtvlie: o.o

Guest_KyokoMatsumura: er... i need some help

Guest_BeccaBipolar: It's fine. I took out the others so there's one up

roxymonro: oops im so sorry i swear my wifi fucked up i posted it once i guess it did 5 times just post on o...

Nytemarze: 8=D