IMVU Prepaid Card Q&A / FAQ

Getting a Card:

I went to one of the retailers you listed, and I couldn't find the card!

We are constantly expanding our list of retailers supplying prepaid cards. Not every single outlet chain carries prepaid cards- it might be a good idea to give your local retailer a call before you go in, just to make sure they have the cards in stock.

Where can I find a retailer that sells IMVU Prepaid Cards?

Click below to find a store near you:

There's no retailer in my town!

We hope to offer IMVU Prepaid Cards in other stores soon. Please keep checking back for more retailers and locations!

I don't live in the USA. What is IMVU's plan?

You're in luck! Our list of retailers stocking prepaid card has recently expanded to include Canada, Australia, France, New Zealand, Ireland, Italy, Germany, Spain, Norway, Sweden, Brazil, Mexico and the United Kingdom, and more nations are coming soon! Keep checking We are constantly working to bring more prepaid cards to customers all over the world. For other great ways to get credits, go here.

Using your IMVU Prepaid Card:

I got my card now what?

To redeem IMVU Credits from your card, just click here. Enter the code on the back of the card, and the IMVU Credits (and any bonus items associated with the card) will be added to your account automatically.

What can I buy with the IMVU Credits I receive when I redeem an IMVU Prepaid Card?

You can buy virtual clothing, rooms, furniture, stickers, and more! Just visit the IMVU Catalog, home to over 6 million products created by IMVU users!

Thank you for supporting creativity on IMVU.

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