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Top 10 Inauguration Outfit Picks For Virtual Fashionistas

Virtual World Fashion Is A Must Have For Inauguration Day

PALO ALTO, Calif., January 20, 2009 -- While thousands crowd into the National Mall for inauguration day in Washington D.C., many of those who are planning to participate in the festivities online are still faced with the question, "What should I wear?"

For users of IMVU (, an online destination where people use lifelike, 3D avatars to interact with people all over the world, choosing just the right outfit for inauguration day is easier said than done. "Our users are so creative, it's hard to pick just one thing to wear," said Lee Clancy, IMVU's Vice President of Product Development and General Manager of Direct Revenue. "If you search for the word 'Obama' in our shopping section, hundreds of different items pop up."

IMVU members use 3D software to create Obama-themed T-shirts, shoes, jackets and hats. Other IMVU members pay top dollar for the most popular items to be sure their avatars are wearing the latest looks.

Hot items for IMVU's virtual fashionistas who want to show their support for Obama on his inauguration day include:

  1. Obama sneakers
  2. Obama high heels
  3. Varsity jackets
  4. Tube tops
  5. Club wear
  6. Maternity wear
  7. Baseball hats
  8. Pop art t-shirts
  9. Girlie t-shirts
  10. Hip-hop inspired t-shirts

"The beauty of IMVU is that you can literally create anything you can dream up, and then sell it to anyone in the world," said Jeff Titterton, IMVU's VP of Marketing. "It makes shopping a lot more interesting."

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Founded in 2004, IMVU Inc. ( is an online destination where adults and teens meet new people in 3D. IMVU won the 2008 Virtual Worlds Innovation Award and was also named a Rising Star in the 2008 Silicon Valley Technology Fast 50 program. Still in public beta, the company has already reached major milestones, including 30 million registered users, 100,000 registered developers and over $1 million in revenue each month. Members of IMVU have fun meeting new people with similar interests and expressing themselves through personalizing their 3D avatars, digital rooms, music and home pages. IMVU offers the world's largest digital goods catalog with over 2 million items. Over 90 percent of IMVU's revenue is from the direct sale of virtual credits, used to purchase digital products. IMVU is backed by top venture investors Menlo Ventures, Allegis Capital and Bridgescale Partners and is located in Palo Alto, CA.

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